Bali Dive Tours

           The Hindu island of Bali, known as "the island of the Gods", is incredibly beautiful. Towering volcanoes and lush rice terraces form a picturesque scenery.

           Colourful ceremonies, ancient temples and traditional dances are part of everyday life. Experiencing this unique and enduring culture will enrich any visit to Bali.

        The spectacular scenery and colourful life continues beneath the water.  With us you can discover Bali´s underwater world, with a dive trip designed  just for you.

Diving in Bali

        The island of Bali lies at the heart of the most diverse marine ecosystem on Earth.

      Bali dives offers everything from rare fish, nudibranchs and shrimps to fabulously huge schools of fish and large pelagics.


        Amazing wrecks, beautiful reefs and some of the best muck and critter dives in the world. Wether you choose to dive on the famous USAT Liberty WWII ship wreck or in one of our newly discover dive sites, you will be surrounded by an incredible array of life. From pygmy sea horses and mimic octopus to ocean giants like Mola-Mola and mantas. Bali has it all!


         Bali´s incredible marine life and dive conditions amaze everyone from beginners to pros. Dive conditions vary from tropical warm, clear and calm waters with vibrantly colourful reefs to sites with strong thrilling currents and big pelagic fish to gentle sloping muck dives full of wonderfully weird critters.

         Most of the diving is shore based or with a short boat ride in one of  Bali´s typical fishing boats or Jukungs, allowing you to have more time to relax with a balinese massage, to take a land tour or enjoy some extra dives.