USAT Liberty

        Dive the famous WW II wreck USAT Liberty. One of the best wreck dives in the world. The USAT Liberty is an easy shore dive, suitable for every diver from beginners to pro. The wreck is covered in hard and soft coral, as well as sponges.
          The wreck shelters huge schools of fish, large fishes and sharks can often be seen passing by.

                                  Bumphead parrotfishes schooling                      School of trevallies

         Macro life is also abundant with nudibranchs, lion fish, frog fish, pipefishes, shrimps and more than occasional the encounter with mimic and wonderpus.

                                                                               Three ornate ghost pipefishes

Tulamben Area

       USAT Liberty surrounding area is also a macro paradise with pygmy seahorses, mimic octopuses, ghost pipefishes, rhinopias scorpionfishes and loads of shrimps.
Explore the Tulamben area where you can find a wide range of dive sites, from vertical plunging walls, to coral gardens and macro paradises. A mixture of boat and shore dives allow you to explore the whole area.


          This area has several healthy reefs slopeing down to deep water. Great hard and soft corals with seafans that often host pygmy seahorses.

Kubu´s new wreck

         The new wreck of the "BOGA", which was sunk on purpose in September 2012 to make an artificial reef is a very interesting dive site. The 85 meters long ships lays between 12- 30 meters deep and is being fast colonised with life.
              The reefs around it have good fish life and in the deep water white tip sharks, eagle rays, napoleon fishes, barracudas and other large fish can be seen.

Seraya Secrets

        A few kilometers south from Tulamben lies Seraya village with it world famous muck dive site Seraya Secrets.  Harlequin, Colemann, needle and squat shrimps, rhinopias scorpionfishes, frogfishes, all sorts of ghost pipe fishes and lion fish are some of its permanent inhabitants, making it one of Bali´s favourite spots for macro lovers.



           Stunning drift dives with very beautiful healthy corals and sponges.

        Everything from reef sharks, turtles, rays and pygmy seahorses massive garden eel colonies.


         Macro sites and the beautiful Japanese ship wreck add a wide variety to the dives and the sealife encountered.

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