Puri Jati

          Is a world class macro site with good chances of mimic octopus and coconut octopus. It is a sandy bottom with a gently slope until around 12M and then a steep sand slope dropping very deep. Tiny corals, anemones and litter provide hiding places for a wide range of critters. Ambon scorponfish, frogfish, seahorses, nudibranches and rare shrimp are often seen. Wonderpus and blue ring octopus can be seen by lucky divers. This is a must for macro enthusiasts!

Secret Bay

          This muck site is one of the best macro sites in Bali and the whole world ! It is a must for photographers and divers looking for rare critters . It is a shallow muck site with almost no coral but many rare and amazing critters. Frogfish, seahorses, mimic octopus, snake eels, sea snakes and dragonets can be found. Rarities such as bobbit worms and Banggai cardinal fish are usually easy to see. Max depth only about 10M and mild current. Being a mangrove bay visibility is variable and best on a high tide.

Menjangan Island

           This island national park lies close to the shore of north west Bali. Stunning wall dives covered in colourful sea fans and corals can be enjoyed with usually very good visibility and mild currents. You can often see reef sharks, turtels and bumphead parrot fishes passing by, as well as the resident pygmy sea horse. The boat trip is short and it is possible to walk to a temple on the island during the surface interval.


            Has a bio-reef project and a range of shore and boat dives, including an extraordinary underwater Balinese temple.

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