Nusa Penida

             The largest of a 3 island group in south eastern Bali. Dive sites are 30 minutes to an hour by boat.

              Most popular for the Mantas cleaning stations.

Manta Point I and II

             Where the mantas come in from the open ocean to be cleaned of parasites by small fish. The action takes place in shallow water giving great chances to observe and photograph them. Little current is present but waves can create some surge. Other life includes bamboo sharks and rays.

Crystal Bay

           Mola Mola or ocean sunfish can be seen from mid July until the end of October. These enormous fish are usually found getting cleaned around 30M deep in areas that can have strong currents. Dives can be challenging and are suitable for experienced divers. Sharks, rays , tuna , snakes and reef fish can also be seen.

           Other sites offer strong currents healthy coral with the chance of sharks and rays and Molas in season.

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