Practical Info


            We recommend you take out a diving policy with DAN.

            There is a decompression chamber in Denpasar.

O2 and First Aid

           Oxygen and first aid equipment is available on all trips.

Visa & Passport

           Visa 30 days visas are available at the airport for 35$ US can be paid for in other major currencies in cash only. Some nationalities can get said Visa On Arrival for free, check at the Indonesian Embassy in your country. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival date.

Money & ATMs

             Money Indonesian rupiah can be taken from ATMs at the airport and towns in southern Bali. Our driver will stop at a reliable money changer close to the airport that changes all major currencies. The small dive villages in east and north Bali have few ATMs and change money at lower rates.

Dive Gear

               We recommend you bring your own equipment. 3 mm or 5 mm  long and shorties suits are suitable  for most of the dive sites around Bali. However we recommend 5 mm long suits and hood for Nusa Penida, Candidasa and Padang Bai, as water temperature can go down to 20ºC.

               Sturdy boots are and open heal fins are necessary for shore dives.

               Rental a full set gear is available for 15 Euros a day. Or 5 Euros per piece.

Water Temperature

             Water temperatures are 26º-28º C all around Bali, except Nusa Penida, Candidasa and Padang Bai where 20ºC upwellings occur (July-Oct) with 26º-28ºC the rest of the year.

Weather in Bali

             Bali has a dry season from April to November and wet season from December to March.  We recommend to come during the dry season for best conditions.

            Sun cream, a hat and insect repellent are useful . Good quality sun cream is best to bring with you from home.

Mola Mola & Best Diving  Season

          Mola Mola season is mid August until the end of October.

  Best diving season is during the dry season from April to November.